Our Motto: Helping Students Help the World

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There are many ways to help: you can fundraise, drug raise, or join your fellow peers on a life changing trip.

Our Mission: 

The World Health Student Organization at Wayne State University School of Medicine is comprised of medical students whose mission is to gain rich medical and cultural experiences outside of their immediate communities. It is our organization’s goal to provide the highest standard of medical care at no cost to underserved populations around the world. We aim to teach students clinical knowledge, facilitate collaboration with peers and other medical professionals, and encourage engagement in dynamic learning environments. We also serve our community by volunteering at local outreach projects and teaching our fellow students about global health through the organization of speaking engagements and seminars.

Get Involved

During your four years at Wayne State University School of Medicine, you will become intimately involved with Detroit and it’s hospitals. Get even more involved with the city you serve by participating in various community service projects. To learn more about specific WHSO activities, visit the events page.


One of the biggest endeavors undertaken every year is to send students on medical relief missions over spring break. This is their chance to acquire a better understanding of health care needs of developing nations and to get exposed to clinical settings not routinely found in the United States. For the 2015-2016 school year, we will be sending students to Ecuador, Haiti, and Nicaragua. In an effort to provide sustainable care, we will be sending multiple trips to the same locations in Haiti and Ecuador . We hope our efforts will translate into longitudinal medical care over the upcoming years.


Those students who do participate in a medical relief mission fundraise throughout the year to raise money and supplies so that the trip may be a successful one. If you are interested in donating funds, medications, or medical supplies to WHSO, you can email us at wsuwhso@gmail.com or visit our Donations page. The organization and our patients are grateful for any help you offer!