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*Above is a slide show featuring last year’s Ecuador trip.Flag_of_Ecuador.svg

M2 Winter Trip

Dates: December 26, 2016-Janurary 2, 2017

Students will have the opportunity to travel to Ecuador for a week of intense, hands-on clinic work in Agua Blanca near Puerto Lopez. This trip will help WHSO provide sustainable medical care to one of our target locations. After spending the first day traveling, students will spend 4 days setting up and managing a clinic in Agua Blanca, a rural village. Following 4 hard-working days in clinic, the group will have two days of “jungle excursion” near and in the Amazon rain forest. Students will return to Detroit, January 2, 2017. Falling right during the student’s winter break, this trip offers a great opportunity to provide unique care and get hands on clinical experience early in the student’s career.


M1 Summer Trip- May 9-20

Students will have clinic in Agua Blanca, as mentioned above. At the end of the clinic days students will be able to visit the Galapagos Islands for five days of vacation. This is a one in a lifetime experience that is a great way to finish off a successful first year of Med School!