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Winter Trip (M2s)

December 2016


The M2 Haiti Trip will send second year medical students to Morne L’Hopital, a village in the mountains outside of Port-au-Prince, Haiti. In partnership with Rays of Hope for Haiti, a non-profit organization based in Michigan, medical students and physicians will set up a clinic over five days to deliver free medical care to residents in the community of Morne L’Hopital.

On the trip, medical students will be accompanied and supervised by Wayne State University physicians. This experience will expose students to unique medical cases and third world health issues, as well as provide opportunities to learn and practice basic interviewing and clinical skills under the guidance of physicians.

While in Haiti, medical students will reside in the house of Fr. Roosevelt with comfortable indoor and outdoor spaces and enjoy freshly-prepared Haitian food. There will also be an opportunity to take in cultural and historical attractions, shop Haitian vendors for souvenirs, and relax for a day at a beautiful beach resort.


Spring/Summer Trips (M1s)

Dates: February, 2017 and May 2017.

The first year trip to Haiti  will be coordinated with Rays of Hope for Haiti, a non-profit organization based out of Grand Rapids, MI. Upon arrival, students will set up a five-day clinic within a region of Morne L’Hopital. During their trip, students will stay at the house of Fr. Roosevelt, a leader in the community. At the end of their trip, students will have the opportunity to spend a day or two at a beach resort for a well-deserved vacation after a week of hard work.

This trip will provide students with a chance to practice and refine their interview skills, present cases in front of physicians, take vital signs, practice point-of-care testing, and so much more!

The M1 Haiti trip will mirror the December 2015 M2 Haiti trip. This is in WHSO’s efforts to create more sustainability and continuity of care for our Haitian patients in Morne L’Hopital.